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Kinect in the Classroom

The article Kinect in the Classroom looks into the use of videos games within the classroom, specific the Xbox 360 Kinect system.  The Kinect is an interactive system that reads the physical motions of the user and uses those motions for game play.  The article explains that having students be more active, which they will be using the Kinect, they have increased blood flow to the brain which increases brain functions.  By using the Kinect physical activity can be directly integrated into the lesson instead of having to take breaks for physical activity.  The article also explains questions to ask oneself while considering the use of the Kinect during a lesson.  The also gives insight to the huge library of already made lessons and programs made by Microsoft for the Kinect specifically for the purpose of teaching.

Q1: How will the issue affect your relationship with your students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals?

I think this would most definitely increase the relationship with the students because what kid doesn’t enjoy video games.  So the excitement brought to the students by the use of video games would most likely make them more akin to cooperate when employing this type of lesson.  However depending on the personality of the colleague or principal they may look down at me for implementing something as unprofessional as video games within my lessons.  I could also easily see parents being upset saying that they’re not sending their kids to school to play video games.

Q2: How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

I do not see it personally impacting my teaching practice in any way being a music teacher.  This is because I do not see it likely that the Kinect could implement something that would be more effective than the students being on actual instruments.  However, if there were a lesson that was possible with the Kinect I could only imagine it may help my practice by adding a different element and variety to my lessons.

Q3: How does the news, issues, and trends relate to other issues or theories you’ve learned in this class or other classes?

I think this article very closely relates to the increase of technology within the classroom that has been discussed within other Education courses.  In my introduction to education class I took last semester we spent quite a long time talking about the different technological advances that were being used in the classroom.  The use of the Xbox is a prime example of the increases of technology in the classroom. 

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