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The mouse faces extinction as computer interaction evolves

The article The mouse faces extinction as computer interaction evolves describes how the ever changing ways to interact with computers is changing.  Specifically they look at how the computer mouse is becoming obsolete as more and more touch screen, voice recognition, and motion control technologies are added into our school systems.  The start by discussing how foreign the mouse has become to young students these days, many not even knowing what it is or finding it very slow and difficult to use.  The article then looks into the hard evidence of how iPad sales in schools now doubles any standard computer PC sales every quarter.  Next it recaps the history of the Mouse and how many are surprised it lasted as long as it did for the primary tool for exploring the computer.  Finally the article explore the reasons why newer systems of computer interaction have become so popular, and how they actually have benefits to how the brain makes connections and interactions.  

Q1:What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I believe that this is a very important topic to be discussed within the education system.  It opens up many more opportunities for education and different types of learning.  The increased interactivity can increase a students ability to make spacial reasoning and connections.  It also adds a little more excitement and fun to learning which can help to get students more focus and actively involved in learning.  Some school even show an increase in test scores as they’ve increased the amount of this new technology in the classroom.  So I believe it is essential for teachers to fully understand this new technology and how to best employ it in the teaching.

Q2:How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

I believe this will greatly help my teaching, probably even more so than many of the other technological advancements being made in this modern age.  Being a music educator there typically is not much use for technology with in the grade school music classroom.  However with the increase of touch screens, motion detection, and voice recognition I think there will be many more opportunities for myself as a music educator to utilize technology.  Motion detection could potential be really effective when first teaching string instrument the motions used while playing their instruments.  So this added technology in the classroom could only be a benefit to many teachers.

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