Blog #3

Using digital tools to make a difference

This article discusses how new advancements in networking through the Internet has lead to the increase in young students involvement in making a difference in the world.  The author starts by expelling the ways in which he would attempt to make a difference.  One example being raising money with a lemonade stand then donating what he made in profits to a charity he cared about.  He also talked about even as an adult he to most he would be able to easily give back was to donate or volunteer at a homeless shelter.  This is still important but it didn’t really reach out to make a difference outside of his community.   So compared to his experiences, networking has lead to way more opportunities for people, specifically students, to make a difference.

He briefly discribes some of the criticism of the “Clicktivism” type of activism.  The main argument being that “clicktavist” don’t really put any effort in long enough to make a real difference in the issue.  The author believes that as far as young students are concerned just giving them the opportunity to be involved will give them a drive to continue to be involved later in life, and make a real difference.  The author than gives six great examples of how students have made a difference showing that there is real truth in the fact that new networking opportunities help students get involved in making a difference.

Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I believe this idea of more involvement for students is very important for teachers to understand.  Personally I think one of the main purposes or reasons behind teaching is for the advancement and development for our society.  If you can show students ways to be involved in the world and instill a passion to make a change in the world for what they care about you will create great leaders that will in-turn accomplish the purpose i discussed of advancing the world forward.  You will also help the students stay away from, for lack of a better word, wrong path helping them for the future.

Q2: How will the issue affect your relationship with your students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals?

I hope that it would help my relations with all these people.  Hopefully my students would enjoy the fact that i’m helping them pursue making change in issues they really care about.  Their parents seeing how much I care about the kids and their futures and turning them into contributing members in society will be very pleased of my teaching.  I don’t think it would hurt any of my relationships with my colleagues and hopefully seeing what i’m doing they may get involved in doing the same things, and that would give us much to work on together whether we teach similar subjects or not. 

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