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Cultivating Tech-Savvy Teachers Should Be Higher Priority, Report Says

The article talks about the need to make sure that teachers are fully equipped and able to teach using the latest advances in technology.  They may be the undisputed academic authorities but many teachers have much to learn when it comes technology.  The articles discuss that the focus on improving teachers skills with technology should be a priority for all schools.  Administration to take actions to alleviate this problem and institute professional development programs for knowledge of technology.  They discuss the many different aspects of technology education that need improvement including, educational infrastructure, personalized instruction, and so much more.  The report also goes to explain some of the reasons there is a lower familiarity with newer technology in the schools.  A big reason being that many of the school administrators and teachers are in their 50’s and didn’t grow up even remotely close to the technology we have in this day and age.  The article finishes up by calling for action to help fix this problem.  Enacting policy’s to ensure the professional development of teachers to familiarize them with technology.  Giving them robust clinical experiences because of these policies that will ultimately fix the problem.

Q1: How does the news, issues, and trends relate to other issues or theories you’ve learned in this class or other classes?

It affects a lot of the different issues that I have been learning about in my education and technology because it is a very encompassing idea that talks about the advancement of technology in general.  All the things that I have learned in my EDU 290 class essentially are accomplishing what this report discusses because it is getting young teachers ready for the technology they will have to use in their profession.

Q2: What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?

I think the biggest issue to consider with this article is the ability of school districts to carry out the discussed technological professional development.  In school districts that are less fortunate and have money troubles may not easily be able to help their teacher learn more and more about the newer advances in technology.  In the same respects school districts who have money issues may not really need the professional development.  That is because they may not have all the latest or new advances in technology for their school so there is really no reason for them to push for those technological education programs.

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