About Me


I am currently studying Music Education and Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant MI, with a minor in Leadership and Business.  My primary instrument is Cello, but am also very efficient on the Piano and Marching Percussion.  I have been a member of World Class Marching Ensembles including NorthCoast Academy indoor percussion ensemble and Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps. On the side I enjoy playing piano in jazz combos.

I am also a Leadership Advancement Scholar at Central Michigan University.  Being involved in this program has opened me up to many different leadership development opportunities.  This includes LeaderShape Institute, Ignite Leadership, MBTI surveys, and many other conferences and lectures.  I am also a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity, joining in fall of 2012.

I thank you for checking out my website.  I gave you a nice brief synapses of important parts of my life but I encourage to explore deeper into my website and found out more of who i really am.


My musical life started roughly at the age of five, however at the time I would have never expected it to turn into a career.  My early ambitions for music began with wanting to become a rock star just like Eric Clapton, but at the time I was still too small to quite get my hands around a guitar so a family friend suggested i start with piano.  So at the age of 8 I started learning piano from Tom Dennis and from there took lessons for about 5 years before I began expanding my musical knowledge.  In 6th grade I picked up the cello playing it in the school orchestras, and that slowly became my primary instrument being the one that i now focus on in my colligate studies.  I continued taking piano lesson totaling 12 years of private lesson studies, and I still play the piano on the side for fun in a jazz combo.

Later in middle school I somewhat got back to my roots, picking up the guitar and bass guitar playing in a number of different rock bands and getting know as the go to bass player for my school.  In high school I further expanded my musical abilities by joining the drum-line and getting involved in the marching world.  I eventually joined the competitive indoor percussion ensemble Walled Lake Percussion.  From my involvement there I learned of DCI and WGI and have had continued my involvement with ensembles in those organization until the present.

Linked below are comprehensive resumes:

General Resume

Music Resume


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